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I'm OVER #CancelledCulture

I'm OVER #CancelledCulture

This past year has been wild to say the least. Last week I talked about the rise of PC culture and why I'm here for it, and this past year has been a shining example of the rise of PC culture.

As we become more understanding of one another, we become everyone's biggest defender. By that I mean where someone might have been racist or homophobic in the past, once they have come to understand what minorities or LGBTQIA members have gone through, they're willing to go to bat for them. 

Take for example the men who were killed defending Muslim teens from a racist guy in Oregon last year, John Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche. They displayed the truest form of altruism, allyship, and love. 

So while a lot of people are getting #WokeAF, there are others who are behind on the curve. There are people who are awful and are confronted with the real life experiences of others and simply don't care.

Those people suck, and I'm not talking about them today. 

Today I'm talking about the people who might have done something racist, homophobic, transphobic, fat-shaming, etc.— in the past, but they've since realized that what they said or did was wrong and have apologized for it. 

Those people are human. Just like us. Because we all literally make mistakes all the time. It's human nature to make judgements, rash decisions, and wrong assumptions. 

But I've seen a troubling trend among social justice peeps where we seem to lose touch with reality a little bit. We get wrapped up in our terminologies, our philosophies— whatever— and forget that there are people out there that are still learning and still on a personal journey to correct their problematic behavior. 

This phenomenon where we don't let people learn from their mistakes and instead blot out any possibility of them growing and turning away from problematic behavior is called "Cancelled Culture."

When someone makes a mistake, we're so quick to cancel them. Say "Nah they said something racist ten years ago, they're cancelled." "No she supported Trump before the election, so she's cancelled." 

But what if someone truly realizes the harmfulness of their actions and apologizes and moves on from there? What then? You've already cancelled them. You've already said that this person has no hopes of redemption. And that's just wrong. 

James Charles: A Case Study

This might sound super abstract to you right now, so how about I give you an example? I give you James Charles. James Charles was the first Cover Boy for Covergirl. He cranks out some AMAZING looks, and is probably more talented right now at makeup than I will ever be in my life. 

Last year, James was under fire with the African and African American community because he tweeted this;


Of course the implication here is that Africa only has Ebola to offer and nothing else. This was tweeted at the height of the Ebola scare, when it was killing a whole lot of people in Africa. The tweet wasn't cool, and a lot of people on Twitter let @JamesCharles know it.

Over the year, James Charles has come to understand the racist and ignorant undertones of his tweet, and has since profusely apologized to the African and African American community. He took a trip to Africa and learned about the culture and even opened up a dialogue with African students about the harmfulness of his tweet. James is never afraid to bring up the topic of his tweet and why it wasn't okay, and he often discusses it in videos to show how he's learned from the experience. 

But to this day people will ridicule James for his singing, his body, you name it and use his past as an excuse. They find any opportunity to call him a racist and say, "He's been cancelled for a while." But I'm over it. I'm over cancelled culture and I'm over being so calloused to think that people can't learn from their mistakes. 

I understand wanting to eradicate all of the -isms that plague this planet, but that's never going to happen if we keep cancelling people!

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