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Mixed Media: Revisionists History, Black Girls Talking and other Notable Podcasts

Mixed Media: Revisionists History, Black Girls Talking and other Notable Podcasts

I've always thought podcasts were weird because it's a purely auditive experience. I've never been one to just listen to something, I need to be watching something or doing something simultaneously. That being said, recently I've tried listening to more podcasts and teach myself to be still and listen.

While some podcasts are great for entertainment, others give you a lesson with each episode. I'm going to include 5 podcasts I've found worth listening to! (Not saying there aren't more, but these ones were just the first that came to mind.)

Warning: A lot of these feature awesome people that talk about feminism, race, history, and things you should know. So listen to them.

1. Black Girls Talking

It's just what it sounds like. Black women being carefree while discussing intersectional feminism.
Honestly goals.

It sounds like my regular conversations with Taylor. But that's what I love about it! The tone is so conversational and relatable. Episodes are around an hour long, but the hour actually flies by because of the refreshingly honest discussions.

Black Girls Talking! Website

2. Revisionist History

Referred to me by Mr. Wolcott, Revisionist History centers around giving history, "a second chance," a mission I find admirable considering that most history seems to be written in stone. Just take a look at my piece about the Black Panther Party! Episodes are around 30 to 40 minutes and cover a range of topics all about history.

Revisionist History Website

3. Call Your Girlfriend

This podcast idea is so genius; I wish I came up with it. Two best friends, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, call each other once a week and catch up on trending topics. If you've got around 45 minutes to kill (which will be me this semester between my weirdly stacked classes), this podcast fits perfectly into your schedule.

Call Your Girlfriend Website

4. Buzzfeed's Another Round with Heben and Tracy

I've noticed that podcasts work best if the hosts are best friends. These two talk about race, gender, and pretty much everything I talk about on this website. Episodes range from 45 minutes to an hour, and you'll be laughing the entire time.

Another Round Website

5. She Does

If you ever need to feel empowered, She Does has you covered. It's literally about strong women advancing their careers in media (a.k.a more life goals). They interview influential women and discover how they got where they are. The two are actually documentary filmmakers, so you can see where those interviewing skills are put to work. Episodes are a little over 30 minutes, which is why it's perfect for that morning walk to class. Across campus. 

She Does Website

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