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Winter is Coming: The Perks of Hot Oil Treatments

Winter is Coming: The Perks of Hot Oil Treatments

I couldn't help myself with the title. 

In my piece on tips for winter haircare, I talked about how during the winter, natural hair can become very dry because of the cold temperatures. This is why God gave us oils. That and some other reasons, but that's unimportant right now.

Oil is the key to your hair success. 

I've already touched on this in my other article, but I'll just harp on it some more. There are so many types of oils available for your hair, and all of them have different perks. Oil can make your hair thicker, stronger, longer, moister, and healthier.* It's hard for your hair to succeed without oils. So buy some. Please.

What's a hot oil treatment?

A hot oil treatment is a process in which oil is warmed and then applied to your scalp to produce a certain effect (based on the oils of your choosing). These treatments are useful for cuticle smoothing and sealing in moisture on dry hair. With winter coming, you want to make sure your hair is ready for anything— winds, the cold, dry air, you name it. And while hot oil treatments may sound like the last thing you want to do in summer, you have a lot more free time to do them and they reap innumerable benefits.

So how do I do it?

I usually get some water boiling on the stove and then pop the bottle into the pot. After the oil is properly warmed, I pour it into an applicator (as pictured below).

As you can see, I used coconut oil and Jamaican black castor oil, which is extremely helpful for hair growth and general moisture. My ends are still pretty damaged since I dyed my hair last summer, so the castor oil helps me grow some new hair (so I can cut off the dead ends) and keeps the rest of my hair soft and moist.

So after getting the oils in the bottle, I part my hair a lot. A lot a lot. Each section in my hair gets detangled, and then I apply the oil to my roots and work it down into the rest of my hair. After finishing a bigger section, I also apply some extra coconut oil to my ends to seal in as much moisture as possible. So after repeating that process until my roots and ends are completely covered in oil, I get a handful of my castor oil and run it through my hair until it's coated because:

Protip: Applying a heavy oil (like castor oil or avocado oil) on top of a moisturizer keeps that moisture LOCKED in. 

Because I don't have a heated cap (why don't I have one by now???) I just put on a shower cap and keep the oil in for an hour or more. You may be asking yourself, "What can I do to kill an hour?"

Well this is how I do.

Such a good show, definitely check it out if you haven't.

Keep in mind that you can put your hair in an overnight style, a bun, or cornrows if you need to go out that day and don't want to be seen in your shower cap.

Anyways, after an hour is over and your hair feels disgustingly greasy, the next step is just washing it out. You want to make sure your shampoo (or whatever you use in lieu of shampoo) really gets worked into your roots and follicles, because oil can resist water really well. You'll just walk out of the shower with the same amount of oil in your hair. 

But after it's been thoroughly washed out, your hair should be set. I applied a very light coating of leave in conditioner to my damp hair, but that's it.**

After a hot oil treatment, my hair feels lighter, softer, curlier, and most importantly— healthier.

*thicker: Moroccan oil or castor oil

longer: Jamaican black castor oil

moister: Coconut oil

** the LOC method ensures you have the moistest hair possible. Liquid, Oil, Cream. Here's more info on that

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