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10 Reasons I'm Going to Miss My Roommate

10 Reasons I'm Going to Miss My Roommate

I can't believe I'm finishing my freshman year of college in two and a half weeks. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in the car, heart beating rapidly, hands practically shaking, as my mom turned into the University of Maryland's gates on move-in day.

Since then, so much has happened.

Before I talk about Maggie for the rest of the article, I wanted to talk about myself for a second and inform everybody about some exciting changes in my life that have happened since coming to the University of Maryland.

This past week I've been promoted to Editor at It was a position I decided to pursue after a lot of prayer and yoga (shameless plug). God has led me to accept and pursue this position, and now I have it! I know it's a new set of responsibility, and it'll probably be stressful at times, but I'm really excited to see how I do as a leader. This means I have a team of writers for which I'm responsible, so hopefully I do well for their sake!

Another decision that I made after a lot of prayer: I’ve decided to pursue a minor in black women’s studies, which is a joint major at the University of Maryland between the African American studies department and the women’s studies department. This is an area of study that is very important to me in understanding my past, present, and future. It'll improve my writing and content, and I'm so excited to begin studying and learning about my history.

Now, cue the Buzzfeed-y feels.

10 Reasons I'm Going to Miss My Roommate

10. She's Irish. But real Irish.

Maggie Mary Loughlin. *Chandler Bing voice* Can a name BE any more Irish? But really, when I saw her name on the room assignment page, I figured she'd be Irish. But Maggie is Irish and then some. Her and her family legitimately celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Not in an ironic, "Kiss me I'm Irish but not really" way. It's been a very informative process! One time she sang old Irish folk songs to me, and I learned most of them are very sad with a very nice tempo. You'd never guess. 

9. She has a dirty secret.

Our little inside joke is that Maggie came out to me three times.

On our first day of living together, she came out to me as bisexual. Whatever.

On maybe our second week of living together, she confessed to me that she was a vegetarian. I was hesitant at first. I thought to myself, what if she tries to make me join a vegetarian cult? I didn't know if i could accept it. Time went by, and I began to accept her vegetarian ways.

Then came the most reviling discovery after a month or so of living together. 

Maggie loves musical theater.

THE SHAME. THE DISHONESTY. It was the worst thing she could have possibly confessed to me. I wanted a spring room reassignment.

Jk, but this girl really does love her musical theater. She watched Grease Live with me, and we both fangirled for hours. She's gone on hour long discussions about Hamilton (which she saw with the original cast over spring break!!!) and Chicago. I'm not the biggest musical theater buff, but if she can tolerate my One Direction rants, then I can engage in theater discussion. 

8. She's super funny.

This is the first of three Hillary gifs, because Maggie loves her some HRC. But really, our room has been filled with laughter since the day we moved in. From "snape-ing" to men's rights documentaries, our senses of humor have synced really well.

7. She's like the female Stephen Hawkings and Neil DeGrasse Tyson combined. But smarter.

What other roommate can talk about heteronormativity while nonchalantly watching LOST? Like Donald Trump, this girl knows all the best words. (On her last test she got an 84/80. That's not even a real score. what the heck.) Maggie always inspires me to work harder because I see how hard she's working. She's super organized and her half of the room is usually cleaner than mine, so it makes me actually pick up my side to match. Hear that, dad? I clean my room sometimes.

6. She's always willing to try new things.

I just mentioned how Maggie pushes me to work harder, and it doesn't stop there. She's the one that made me try out yoga (link here if you missed it!). She's always willing to try new things, which in turn makes me try new things. I'm starting to think she's like a role model. Can role models be your age? 

5. She's lowkey a hipster.

I just wrote an article on 10 Secrets Hipsters Are Keeping From You, and Maggie gave me the inspiration for about half of them. This girl can play 20+ instruments. She won't brag though, she'll just pull them out at a party all casual-like. Like me, half of her wardrobe is flannel, and most of her music is alternative. That band that's popular right now? We knew about them before they were cool.

4. She's as relatable as Jennifer Lawrence. That's saying something.

Maggie and I have a lot in common, but I'd say our biggest commonality is our awkwardness. We know how to awkward up a situation in a flash. Story time! (Hope she doesn't get mad) One time we were at the diner paying for our dinner. The girl ahead of us seemed to give a coin to the diner worker, so naturally Maggie thought that they were taking money for like... charity? Maggie happens to have a pocket full of coins, and she begins to offer them to the diner worker. The lady was very confused. But Maggie just kept insisting. Turns out it was a plastic coin that the girl ahead of us gave the worker, because that's how you use an Ozzy Box (it's like our eco-carryout). What did Maggie say when she left the room? "Oh my god that was so awkward Skye we can never come back here." I just laughed because I'd likely react the same way. 

3. She's a feminazi. 

The last thing you want to do is debate with Maggie on a feminist issue. This girl has literature, podcasts, websites, a literal arsenal of information that she will unleash upon you with the fury of a thousand suns. I'm going to miss having someone like that close by. It always helped when I was writing a Mulattea post and wanted to fact-check my information.

2. She's WOKE.

I already mentioned that she's a feminist. More than that, though, Maggie is woke. Woke is defined as, "to become cognizant or aware of something; awaken." Her feminism is intersectional. It's understanding of privilege. It's in objection to cultural appropriation. It's cognizant of microaggressions! She knows her stuff and is not afraid to let you know it.

She no lie just said to me, "I'm kind of in my feelings about feminism after reading about the renaissance witch burnings," as I'm writing this. She proceeded to educate me on how during the renaissance they blamed witches as the cause of the bubonic plague. No lie.


*Drum roll*

1. She's my best friend at UMD.

Of course Kate's boobs are wet in this gif. I can't even see them, but I know they are, because it's Lost. Anyways, it sounds really lame but Maggie quickly became my best friend at UMD. I knew this when we bonded over the movie Heathers, when I first read the Zola story to her, when we cooked curry in our dorm, when we decorated our door, when we decorated our whole hall, when we made late night runs to the convenience store, when we stayed up until 1 a.m. talking about Barcelona, when we obsessed about Tastemade and Tasty videos, when her hand would shoot up in scholars colloquium and she'd educate everyone on some obscure fact, and when she encouraged me to create Mulattea.

Part of me knew when she sent me that first message on Facebook saying, "Hi there! I'm Maggie, and it looks like we'll be roommates next year at College Park!"

Love ya girl. You'll be an amazing RA next year, and those girls will be lucky to have you.

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