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Skye and Carter Take Jamaica (With Pictures!)

Skye and Carter Take Jamaica (With Pictures!)

Last week was spring break, so of course I had to give myself a little break from writing. I’m back, fully rested, and ready to take on the rest of my semester at UMD!

So let’s talk Jamaica.

When I found out that Carter could accompany my family and I to visit my other family in Jamaica, I felt a mix of excitement and worry. Much like that scene in Tangled where she’s finally out of the castle and she’s caught between emotions. “I’m free!” “I’m a terrible daughter…” “This is the happiest day of my life!” “What if she finds out?”

"What if he didn’t like the food?"

"Jamaica with my boyfriend!"
"What if he didn’t like my family, or they didn’t like him?"

"Laying out on the beach with Carter!"

I originally told myself that it would be fine. My dad married a white woman, and they like her, right? But of course doubt crept in, and I began to wonder if it would be different for me because I’m a girl. Jamaicans are very traditional and protective of women, so maybe taking home a white guy wouldn’t be the best idea. Carter managed to quell my fears for a little bit, but as our traveling day approached I grew increasingly nervous. I asked some Jamaicans I knew about their perspective, but unfortunately, they were both men, and they both married white women. So their input was a little less than helpful. 

So there was the fear they wouldn't like Carter because of his race. You might be saying, "Skye you're overreacting!" 99.9% of the time you'd be right, my friend, but in this one .1% you're wrong. I've seen my mom get called some less than flattering names while in Jamaica, and I wasn't about to have Carter experience the same.

In addition to the fear that Jamaicans wouldn't like my boyfriend, I also had the fear that my boyfriend wouldn't like Jamaica. 

There's touristy Jamaica, and then there's Jamaica Jamaica. Isn't it funny when people use a word twice to imply a different meaning? Well my family is from Jamaica Jamaica, which has a lot of mosquitos and little activities. I was afraid my man would be a bored, mosquito bitten white man in Jamaica. And what if he didn't like the food? He'd be a bored, starving, mosquito bite-ridden white man in Jamaica. So many adjectives.

You know what I did? I just made plans. To solve the boredom I tried to set up activities for each day spent in Jamaica. *Cue slideshow*

On the first day my uncle drove us through all of Jamaica, which gave Carter a good view of the whole island. I also gave him an in depth tour of my grandma's house, and got him on the wifi immediately. On the second day, Sunday, we did a quick tour of Devon House, which is basically a historic site with good ice cream. On Monday, the best day there, my uncle took Carter and I to Sandals Resort in Ocho Rios, where we soaked up the sun, swam with fishes, ate brick-oven pizza, took some amazing pictures, and even went to a beach party. It was a blast! On Wednesday we were so drained from the day before, we lazed around my grandma's house with my parents and cousin. Thursday we visited the Bob Marley Museum (so cool!) and went to Usain Bolt's restaurant Tracks and Records. Friday, our last day, we went to the amusement park Mystic Mountain, where we went bobsledding, did a skyline tour, and swam in an infinity pool. Then we went to my dad's friend's house up in the mountains where we got a spectacular view and listened to great music.

If you learned anything about me from my social anxiety piece, I tend to over worry about things. This was another one of those cases. Of course we had an AMAZING time in Jamaica. Of course my Uncle may have threatened Carter just a little bit at the beginning, but by the end of the trip was calling him his nephew-in-law. Of course my grandma loved him. Of course I was the one who got bitten by a thousand mosquitos and Carter got maybe like one. Of course I just worry too much. Such is life. Carter also said that he had an amazing time, and would say that it was one of the best weeks of his life.

My most recent article with CM was a blast to write, so go check it out! 


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