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Mixed Media: Luhhsettyxo

Hey everyone! The next couple of weeks is going to be midterms and spring break; needless to say it'll be pretty busy on my end. Therefore, my posts may or may not be a little shorter than usual.

I'm considering making this "Mixed Media" a monthly series, where I just give a little insight as to what I'm reading, watching, and participating in as it relates to being interracial. The goal is to keep everyone updated on things going on in the mixed community over media. Of course I'll include links and descriptions for you guys, and hopefully you'll enjoy it.


I've been watching Lisette on youtube for over a year now. My friend Courtney, who I mentioned in my Winter Hair Care article, sent me a link to her videos saying that I should try out some of the products she used. Since that point, I've seen every single video she's ever made. (Thanks Courtney.)The girl is basically me! She's a mixed youtuber who gives tips that range from skincare to fashion advice. I relate so much to her hair struggles and makeup techniques because they're truly shared experiences in the mixed community. In the natural hair community, a lot of people shun hair straitening and getting extensions or weave. To Lisette, that's every day. She's fearless with her hair, as there have been videos where she's dyed it, cut it, permed it, and done some brave hairstyles. Lisette has inspired me to experiment and discover what looks good on me. She's also a Seventeen Magazine Beauty Smartie, where she gives makeup tips online and in print (sounds like my dream job...). I definitely 100% recommend her to anyone who's interracial, one race, and everyone in between.

Her Video on Natural Haircare Tips

Lisette's Beauty Smartie videos

Thanks for reading the first Mixed Media post, let me know what you guys think of this idea! Be sure to stay updated on my work at College Magazine (a link is in the side bar!).

If you haven't read my last post, "An Interview with the Queen" you're missing out! I was given the pleasure of interviewing my mom about her experiences in interracial dating. Here's an excerpt from it.

"We were driving to IKEA to get things for his apartment. It was the one in Potomac Mills mall, since the one in CP wasn't built yet. So... some Virginia boys pull up and see us together. We're in your dad's nice black Honda accord, and they're driving this POS ratty, burgundy car. They start revving their engine to get our attention, and then they hold up this cardboard sign that says, 'KKK' on it."



Skye and Carter Take Jamaica (With Pictures!)

Skye and Carter Take Jamaica (With Pictures!)

An Interview with the Queen

An Interview with the Queen