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Just a Tumbleweed in the Wind

Just a Tumbleweed in the Wind

Today you all are going to get another childhood story. It’s pretty short, but it’s a good one.

I was in the first grade, Mrs. Remigio’s class (a.k.a the best class, because Mrs. Remigio was THE BEST). It was also my first year at GBCS.

One day when we were coloring, which is what the cool kids do, I picked up the crayon that changed my life.

Keep in mind that at this time, there were no “multicultural crayons”. You got orange, yellow, and maybe brown if you were lucky. Going to a predominantly black school, the brown crayon was basically a nub by the time I got it. Nevertheless, I had grown accustomed to yellow Skye, or brown Skye.

My life changed forever when I first laid eyes on the 64-pack of crayons. If a kid had those in their arsenal of school supplies, they were set. That’s the kid you make friends with. Somehow I managed to get on the good side of that kid, whoever they were, and finally got to experience the fabled 64-pack of Crayola crayons. In the 64-pack of crayons is a very special color, the color that changed the game.


It was probably the best day of my life as a first grader. A Crayola color that actually looked like me! I held the color up next to my wrist and saw no difference. I even showed Mrs. Remigio the crayon that looked just like me. I was tumbleweed. Tumbleweed was me. I did all of my coloring with the tumbleweed crayon from that point on. That crayon and I were inseparable.

About a week later came biography day, where us first graders tested out our spelling skills by writing a sentence describing ourselves. I was perplexed (as much as first grader could be) as to what sentence I would choose to describe myself. You only get one shot at giving a sentence about yourself, and I wasn’t about to squander mine! Finally I chose the perfect biography, wrote it down, and turned it in to Mrs. Remigio. 

Fast forward two days. My teacher put up the biographies and I was SO excited to show my mommy and daddy. They looked at it and read it out loud: 

I am the color of tumbleweed.”

I was so proud of my biography. First, it actually made sense. Second, I was able to spell tumbleweed. Third, the whole world knew that I was the color of tumbleweed! The only thing I couldn’t understand was why my parents were laughing...

Since that moment, my family has had an inside joke of calling me “tumbleweed”. Even Carter is in on the joke. I will forever be tumbleweed.

And that is the story… of a tumbleweed in the wind.

On a more serious note, the multicultural pack of crayons is the best thing to happen to Crayola. I wish I had it growing up! 

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